Link Baiting Authority Figures for Authority Links

This is probably one of the easiest link building methods used by top SEO’s.

Link baiting is the act of baiting people to link to you.

How does link baiting work?

Link baiting works through the act of mention and alert. You mention authorityfigures that you wrote about them, and then let them know about it.

This is done through one of two ways: Simple mentioning and quoting within yourregular articles, and through round-up posts.

I’ll go over each of them in just a bit. But first…

Why is link baiting so effective?

Here are some of the reasons why link baiting is so great.

  1. You’re creating awesome content on your own site in the
  2. You don’t really need to do much work to get the Just letting them know about itis usually enough to land a few great links.
  3. The links you get are relevant and very
  4. Even if they don’t link to you, they’ll usually share your article, bringing you a ton offree
  5. You make powerful connections with authority figures in your

Now, I’ll go through each of the two methods and how to use them to acquire linksto your site.

Round-up Posts

What is a roundup post?

A roundup post is an article that you create featuring a list of experts on the topic.

You create them by gathering your list of experts and emailing them for a short answer to your question. After they all respond, you publish them all on one page with a shortbio and link for each author who contributed.

Roundup posts attract a lot of links and mentions around the web.

Why? Because people want to show off when they’re mentioned as experts.

They work so well that I’ve even considered creating an entire site around nothing butroundup posts of experts from various industries.

How to create a roundup post

Step 1: Decide on your topic

Let’s say that you’re in the psychiatry industry. We’ll first need to decide on a topic.Make sure that it’s at least somewhat interesting.

For our example, we’ll create an article about the effects of coffee on your productivity.

Step 2: Gather your list of experts

To do this, all it takes is a Google search. It really depends on your niche how you decideto search for this.

There’s no structured way to find your experts. You just need to do some digging andfind some contact information.

The best things to look for are high followers and a personal website.

That way, they can share your post to a large group of people or link back to you fromtheir personal website.

Writing the email

No need to get too personal, as that can take a long time to get through. Here’s theemail that I like to send out.

Hi [insert their name],

My name is Chris and I’m the founder of [your website].

I’m putting together a round-up post featuring experts in the industry and waswondering if you would be open to contribute your wisdom.

It is about the effects of coffee on your productivity.

Could you answer the question: “What is the recommended dosage of coffee per day,and why?”

I’m hoping the post will go live on [scheduled publish date]. Would you be able to getback to me before then?

The article will be shared with thousands of people once it goes live, so I’m reallyhoping to have your input included.

You can also feel free to provide any links to your personal websites, and I’ll include themwith your answer.

Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards.

You’ll find that you get a very high success rate with this. Depending on your industry, the response and participation rate can be very high.

People love opportunities for self-promotion. Especially people who are looking for more personal clients.

Putting together your article

Not everyone will reply or participate. Just gather up the answers from the people whodo and put together your article.

Make sure you credit them properly with a link to their social profile (if they have one)and their website.


After the article goes live, email them to let them know.

You’ll find your article gets shared and link to naturally more than any of your otherposts.

Simple Expert Mentioning

The second form of link baiting experts is a lot easier than the first.

You simply take the time to dig around for well-known experts in your industry andmention them in your article where it fits.

You can even create an entire post around experts such as: “24 Psychologists Who MadeA Big Difference In 2019.”

Acknowledging experts like this doesn’t require you to write emails and ask them for areply. You simply put together the article based on your own research.

Then, you email them.

Hey [their name],

My name is Chris Lee and i’m the founder of [your website]Just wanted to let you know, Imentioned you in my latest article: URL OF ARTICLE.

Love what you’re doing. Keep up the great work! Regards.

And that’s it. These articles get so many shares and link backs, I’m surprised that morepeople aren’t doing them.

The method is so simple, and the article is really interesting for your readers.

Link baiting authority figures in your niche get you a lot of authority links.

They’re powerful people who are recognized in your niche. It not only lets them knowyour site exists, but they also have a connection to it because they’ve contributed to it(or were featured in it).

It’s a great way to make connections with people who impact your niche the most.

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