You can now use artificial intelligence (AI) to add “suggestions” to your LinkedIn profile


The most recent website to join the generative AI bandwagon is LinkedIn. As it searches for new ways to incorporate AI into its platform, the business is expanding its offering to include AI-powered “writing ideas” and job descriptions. 

The “about” and “headline” sections at the top of each profile, which LinkedIn claims can normally be “daunting” to fill out, are among the important profile categories that the writing recommendations are intended to make it easier to complete. LinkedIn Premium subscribers may now create descriptions based on their experience thanks to the new “enhance” function.

According to the firm, the tool, which draws on your work experience and abilities as well as LinkedIn’s own “insights” into what makes a strong profile, is supposed to preserve “your unique voice and style” and employs the same OpenAI models that power ChatGPT. In a finished “about” section example offered by LinkedIn, the tool produced a first-person overview of a person’s work history that almost reads like the opening of a cover letter.

Moreover, LinkedIn claims to have begun testing job descriptions created by AI. The hiring manager only needs to enter the job title, employer name, and a few other simple facts in those circumstances, and LinkedIn will generate a thorough draught of a pertinent job description. 

It’s important to note that the company views its AI writing features as more of a foundation than a finished solution. LinkedIn advises users to examine and amend the AI-generated text in both situations to ensure its accuracy. Yet, the business claims that both might be a significant time saver for users who want to delegate some of the more tiresome writing jobs related to LinkedIn.

This isn’t LinkedIn’s first venture into generative AI with these writing tools. Additionally, the business just debuted “collaborative articles,” which combine content produced by AI with contributions from specific LinkedIn “experts.” Also, the business is developing new online courses with a focus on generative AI.

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